Free HR Management Course with Certificate on Coursera

In the era of internet, education becomes easily accessible to people. Now to gain knowledge or to take education you don’t need to go to school or colleges for physical classes. People can gain knowledge, take education using internet from multiple sources available online in their interested domain.

Online education already available since many years but during the pandemic due to Covid 19 disease online education get a massive boost.

There are hundreds of educational institute, colleges, universities around the glob that offers online education with certificate, diploma or degrees that is valid as same as physical institutional educational certificate, diploma or degrees.

However, online education is not 100% effective for the courses, degrees that requires practical knowledge like Engineering, MBBS, Nursing etc.

About Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management can be explained in two simple word’ Managing People’. But the concept of Human Resource Management is not that simple. In an organization HRM plays a very important role. It becomes the line that brings the management and the employees together. HRM is a strategic and comprehensive process that ensures a healthy working atmosphere in the organization.


It is associated with managing peoples, developing Company HR Policies, managing and monitoring employees work life cycle, compensations & payroll Management, training and development of employees, grievance management and handling, Compliance management for the organization and many more.

Human Resource Management is not an one day activity its an ongoing process developing itself according the the requirement to achieve the goals of the for mutual benefit of the organization and the employees together.

About Coursera

Coursera is an open learning platform that provide online courses, diploma, degrees on a huge variety of subjects and domain.

It was founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller who were the professors of Computer science in Stanford University in 2012.

Through Coursera you can learn from top universities and companies like Yale, The University of Michigan, University of California, Google, IBM and many more.

Coursera offers in demand job skill certificate program which is flexible, reliable and effective to build and boost your career.

You may enroll for a wide variety of free course using Coursera. After completion of the courses you will get the Course Completion Certificate.

However, you can also enroll for paid courses and degrees from your desired domain/subject via Coursera.

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Free HR Management Course available on Coursera

All the Courses available in Coursera in English language which is 100% online with flexible deadline to complete each course.

1. Human Resource Analytics: Free HR Management Course

This course is available in Coursera with Free Certificate after completion of the Course. This course is offered by University of California, Irvine. It requires approximately 4 hour to complete the course.

You will learn the below topics of HRM in this course:

  • HR Metrics Life Cycle.
  • Staffing, Training Compensation.
  • Employee Relations and the overall HRM.
  • Building your case and creating action plan.

2. Hiring and onboarding Employees with ClickUp

This course is offered by Coursera Project Network. It requires approximately 1 hour to complete the course.

This course offers you to know the hiring and onboarding employees with ClickUp. ClickUp is a free, cloud based program that helps to improve productivity and your budget by simplifying the hiring, onboarding process.

3. The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at work

This course is offered by University of London. It requires approximately 10 hour to complete the course.

You will learn the below topics during the course:

  • How to Conduct Interview.
  • Leadership and Decision Making.
  • Performance Management.
  • Managing Conflict at work etc.

These are just few courses that I have mentioned above. You may find lot more in their App and website. Please note this article is not a sponsored article.

If you like this article please comments below if you want to know about such courses available for free in different platform.


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