How to solve “Bank account Linked with other UAN” issue in Provident Fund

PF Bank Account issue: When Provident Fund member trying to apply for advance claim or final settlement of provident fund from their member portal some time bank account issue arises.

At the time of application process error showing like “Bank account linked with the UAN is also linked with other UAN“.

Why PF Bank Account Issue arise?

PF Bank Account issue arises at the time of application for Provident Fund Advance in Form- 31, Final Settlement of Provident Fund in Form-19, Settlement of Pension in Form- 10C etc. for the following reason:

  • If member leave a company and settle his provident fund by withdrawing the PF and Pension part. And then he join another company and by mistake employer create a new UAN number and link his KYC like Pan, Bank, Aadhaar with new UAN number.
  • If member don’t give his UAN number thinking that he can withdraw the money from the old UAN number. And new UAN created by employer accordingly.
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  • If present employer unable to link an employees old UAN number due to KYC mismatch with Aadhaar and create new UAN number using the Aadhaar.

How to Solve “Bank account Linked with other UAN”

Member can solve the PF Bank Account issue by three ways in general.

First member can change the Bank account linked with the present UAN number via their member portal. Flow chart for changing the bank account is given below:

  • Log in into UAN Member Home Page.
  • Go to Manage.
  • Go to KYC.
  • Click on bank account.
  • Update the new bank account by providing IFSC code, Account number etc.
  • Validate with OTP.
  • And click on submit.

After few days your New bank account will be updated followed by Bank and employer approval. Then you try to apply for claim with the new bank account details.

Secondly, you can change the bank account of Old UAN number same way that allow you to apply for advance or other claim via your New UAN number.

Thirdly, you can transfer your provident fund balance from Old UAN number to new UAN number. Because, provident fund advice its member to continue one UAN number for all the companies he or she worked for.

You can transfer your provident fund balance from Old UAN to new UAN number very easily following the below steps:

  • Log in to your UAN Member Portal.
  • Go to online services.
  • Click on on One Member One UAN(PF Transfer)
  • Then Click on Attestation though either previous or present employer.
  • Insert your Old UAN number in the respective area and click on get details.
  • You will se the Old UAN details showing below.
  • Provide tick mark in the box at the left side of the page where your Old UAN details showing.
  • Then click on Get OTP.
  • Submit the OTP and your Done.

After few days your Old UAN number provident fund balance will be transferred to your new UAN number and you will get confirmation over SMS from PF department in your registered mobile number.

Otherwise you can check the claim status manually by visiting EPF passbook page.

Please note EPFO member cannot withdraw PF though Form 19 or 10C if they haven’t updates the Nomination though their member portal. So, it is advisable to update the nominee details as earliest possible.

For detailed process of EPFO nomination in easy steps you may click here.

If you have any query regarding the article or query related to the matter of PF, ESIC please do comment below.


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