Latest Minimum Wages in Delhi in 2023


Minimum Wages in Delhi in 2023 Minimum Wages in Delhi has been revised by the Delhi Government which was effective from 01st April, 2023 for schedule employment in the state. The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi published the official notification dated: 20/04/2023 vide notification number: F.No- (142)/02/MW/VIII/Part file/429-443. The All India Average Consumer … Read more

Latest Minimum Wages in West Bengal for Schedule Employment effective from 1st July, 2023


Minimum Wages in West Bengal: w.e.f 01st July, 2023 to 31st December, 2023 Minimum Wages in West Bengal has been revised by the state vide notification number: 28/Stat/2RW/9/2022/LCS/JLC dated 28/07/2023. The Minimum wages in west Bengal has been revised for 33 Schedule employment in Zone A and Zone B. Zone A: Area under Municipal Corporations, … Read more

Good New: Latest Minimum Wages in Tripura in 2023

Minimum Wages in Tripura

Minimum Wages in Tripura has been revised by the Labour and Employment Department of the state with effect from 01st April, 2023. On 16th June, 2023 Labour department of Tripura Published the official notification vide notification number F.22(74)-LAB/ENF/MW/SHOPS/2022/2972-97. According to the notification the Average Consumer Price Index Number increased by 121 points that results in … Read more

Latest Andaman Nikobar Minimum Wages in 2023

Andaman Nikobar Minimum Wages

Andaman Nikobar Minimum Wages w.e.f 01.07.2023 According to the latest notification dated 07 July, 2023 vide notification number: F. No.16/1/MW/2019-20/LC&DET/667 Andaman Nikobar Minimum Wages revised for six schedules of employment covered under Minimum wages Act, 1948. The latest effective M.W is mentioned in the below table: (all values in rupee) Category of Employees Minimum Wages … Read more

Latest Assam Minimum Wages in 2023


Assam Minimum Wages has been revised from time to time for Contract Labours (Covered under CLRA) and person employed under Schedule employment (covered under Shops and Establishment Act). Assam Minimum Wages for Contract Labours Notification on April, 2023 w.e.f 01.01.2023 Vide Notification Number- ALC/41/2004/3905-908 Dated 27th April, 2023 Labour department increase the Minimum wages within … Read more

Latest Private Security Guards Minimum Wages in Assam revised in 2023

Private Security Guards Minimum Wages in Assam

Latest Notification in 2023: Private Security Guards Minimum wages in Assam Private Security Guards Minimum wages in Assam has been revised by the Labour Welfare Department recently in 2023 vide notification number: E-262184/39 dated 27/04/2023. The effective Minimum wages payable to the employees/workers engaged under Security Agency Houses in the state of Assam with effect … Read more

Latest Provident Fund Exempted Establishment List in India in 2023

Provident Fund Exempted Establishment List

Provident Fund Exempted Establishment is a type of establishment or company who has taken special permission from provident fund department to maintain their own Provident Fund Trust. In case of Provident Fund Trust, the contribution towards Provident fund rest with the trust and company only deposit and file returns against the pension part. To know … Read more

Latest Private Security Guard Minimum wages in Tripura in 2023


Private Security Guard Minimum wages in Tripura Notification in 2023, Tripura Private Security Guard Minimum Wages Notification Download, Tripura Private Security Guard Minimum Wages in 2023 Updates. Private Security Guard Minimum wages in Tripura Private Security Guard Minimum wages in Tripura has been revised by the Labour Department recently. Official Notification has been published on … Read more

Good News: Latest Minimum Wages in Mizoram in 2023 Revised

Minimum Wages in Mizoram

Minimum Wages in Mizoram recently revised by publishing the official notification by Labour, Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship department of Mizoram for Schedule employment. The Governor of the state Mr. Hari Babu Kambhampati pleased to revised the Minimum Wages in Mizoram for all employees working under Schedule employment in the state. Minimum Wages in Mizoram … Read more

Pan Aadhaar Link: Complete step by step Process in 2023

Pan Aadhaar Link Online

Income Tax Department of India announced the last date of Pan Aadhaar Linking. If you fail to link your Pan with your Aadhar then your Pan card will become inoperative. Before 30th June, 2023 you are requested to link the both documents by following our complete step by step process. However it is expected that … Read more

Performance Appraisal Method: Understanding and Choosing the Right One for Your company

Performance Appraisal Method

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations need to consistently evaluate the performance of their employees to foster growth, improve productivity, and retain top talent by using effective Performance Appraisal Method. A well-structured performance appraisal system provides a framework for assessing employee performance and aligning it with the organization’s goals. Let’s delve deeper into the concept … Read more

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition: A Comprehensive Guide

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition are two of the most crucial functions within an organization. A well-executed recruitment process is essential for attracting and retaining top talent, improving the productivity and profitability of the organization. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to recruitment and talent acquisition, including best practices, strategies, and … Read more

How Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) can become a winning factor for Companies


What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a company’s commitment to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner, with consideration for the impact of its business on society and the environment. CSR also refer to the activities where companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and interactions … Read more

How to improve Work-Life Balance in easy steps?

Work-Life Balance

What is Work-Life Balance and why it is important? Work-life balance is the practice of maintaining a healthy, manageable balance between the demands of your job and the needs of your personal life. But in general there is no Perfect Work life balance practice and it is not a one time activity. It can be … Read more

How to Choose a Best Career Option in 9 Easy Steps

How to Choose a Best Career Option

Choosing a career can be a challenging and difficult decision. Most of the cases our career goals influenced by the family we belong, the people around us and the society where we used to leave in. For example, if my father is a doctor or a professor obviously my parents or my family will guide … Read more

How to Prepare for an Interview| This is What Professionals Do

How to Prepare for an Interview

“How to Prepare for an Interview?” This is the most searched question in the internet. After completion of education the first priority of most of the people to get a job. And to get a job you have to prepare for the interview first. Preparing for a job interview can be a stressful experience when … Read more