Latest Provident Fund Exempted Establishment List in India in 2023

Provident Fund Exempted Establishment List

Provident Fund Exempted Establishment is a type of establishment or company who has taken special permission from provident fund department to maintain their own Provident Fund Trust. In case of Provident Fund Trust, the contribution towards Provident fund rest with the trust and company only deposit and file returns against the pension part. To know … Read more

What is PF Trust or PF Exempted Company?


What is Exempted Provident Fund Trust? Some companies may form PF Trust by taking special permission from the Government/ EPFO followed by the rules and regulation specified by the EPF Act, 1952. The companies those have PF Trust can be considered as exempted organization. In case on PF Trust, the PF contribution of employee and … Read more

How to Transfer PF from Non-Exempted to Exempted Company easily in 2023


EPFO has enable its subscriber to transfer PF balance online at the time of changing job from one company to another. In this article I am going to provide you all necessary information about how to transfer PF from one company to another in normal case and in case of PF exempted company or PF … Read more