Techniques of Human Resource Planning explained


Manpower demand forecasting is the key element in the whole human resource planning function. The effectiveness of HRP therefore depends on the accuracy of the demand forecasting. Different methods are adopted by organizations for the purpose HRP so that it can help to achieve the organizational goals or objectives. In this article we will discuss … Read more

Process of Human Resource Planning Explained


Human Resource Planning is a vital part of an organization to achieve its goal. It is an ultimate process of getting right kind of person to carry out their role at right time that leads to the overall growth of the organization along with the satisfaction of the working individual in the organization. In this … Read more

Assam Minimum wages update on 2021 under CLRA and S&E

Assam Minimum wages

Assam Minimum wages has been revised on 2021 under CLRA (contractual employees) and under shops and establishment (schedule employees). Assam Minimum wages updates under CLRA March, 2021 On 17th March, 2021 government of Assam vide notification number ACL/43/2004/3542 has increase the VDA for all Categories of employees covered under CLRA. The skilled wise effective minimum … Read more

Why Human Resource Planning is important?


Human Resource Planning is a systematic and continuous effort to put right people in the right job at the right time. Concept and Definition of Human Resource Planning The long run success of any organization, ultimately depends on having appropriate talent, skill and desire are to execute the task needed to realize the goals of … Read more

Evaluation and Growth of Personnel Management in India

Evaluation and Growth of Personnel management

The History of evaluation and growth of Personnel management in India is not very old. This article will explain the flows, up and down how Personnel management or Human resource management has been achieved the valuable status in todays business or industrial environment. Evaluation of Personnel Management in India In 1931 it was the Royal … Read more

Human Resource Management System: How to implement it effectively

Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management can be considered as a bridge that connect the employer or management group and the employees working in the organization. It maintain a sound relationship between the employer and the working individual in the entity considering the well being of the employees in such a way that their maximum contribution goes towards … Read more

Functions of Strategic Human Resource Management


Strategic Human Resource Management plays a vital role in the modern business environment. And it can be considered as a bridge between the management or employer and the working individuals or employees of an organization. After end of this article you will exactly know what is Human Resource management and its functions and roles in … Read more

How to Transfer PF from Non-Exempted to Exempted Company easily in 2023


EPFO has enable its subscriber to transfer PF balance online at the time of changing job from one company to another. In this article I am going to provide you all necessary information about how to transfer PF from one company to another in normal case and in case of PF exempted company or PF … Read more

PF UAN Activation KYC Update online process


This blog will provide you all relevant information about PF Eligibility, complete UAN Activation, KYC update, Changing UAN password, check service history, DOE updating process, how to change Mobile number  in simple steps. What is Provident Fund? Provident Fund is a part of social security benefit that is provided by the employer to every contractual, … Read more