Human Resource (HR) Profile in Modern Businesses in 2023

Human Resource (HR) Profile

There are a number of Human Resource (HR) Profile in different companies performing the work associated with Human Resources of the organization according to the specific requirement. Human resource (HR) plays a key role in business because it is responsible for managing and developing the most important asset of a company: its people. HR is … Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HRM (Human Resource Management)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HRM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already implemented in modern business houses which transform the traditional way of business while performing various task. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on the development of intelligent machines that can perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as … Read more

Free HR Management Course with Certificate on Coursera

Free HR Management Course

In the era of internet, education becomes easily accessible to people. Now to gain knowledge or to take education you don’t need to go to school or colleges for physical classes. People can gain knowledge, take education using internet from multiple sources available online in their interested domain. Online education already available since many years … Read more

What are the challenges faced in HRP post Pandemic?

HRP Post Pandemic

Impact of pandemic in Human Life The pandemic caused by covid 19 disease in 1st and 2nd wave has dramatically taken many human lives worldwide. It has also affected the public health, food supply, service deliveries and overall world of work. Millions of companies suffer from losses due to lockdown caused by the pandemic. Many … Read more

Duties and Responsibilities of HR Manager

Duties and responsibilities of HR Manager

The duties and responsibilities of HR Manager always vital in the organization as he has to play an important role in securing the necessary spirit of mutual trust, co- operation and goodwill between the two elements of of organization employer and employee. Organization wise the name of the designation of HR Manager is different with … Read more

Techniques of Human Resource Planning explained


Manpower demand forecasting is the key element in the whole human resource planning function. The effectiveness of HRP therefore depends on the accuracy of the demand forecasting. Different methods are adopted by organizations for the purpose HRP so that it can help to achieve the organizational goals or objectives. In this article we will discuss … Read more

Process of Human Resource Planning Explained


Human Resource Planning is a vital part of an organization to achieve its goal. It is an ultimate process of getting right kind of person to carry out their role at right time that leads to the overall growth of the organization along with the satisfaction of the working individual in the organization. In this … Read more

Why Human Resource Planning is important?


Human Resource Planning is a systematic and continuous effort to put right people in the right job at the right time. Concept and Definition of Human Resource Planning The long run success of any organization, ultimately depends on having appropriate talent, skill and desire are to execute the task needed to realize the goals of … Read more

Evaluation and Growth of Personnel Management in India

Evaluation and Growth of Personnel management

The History of evaluation and growth of Personnel management in India is not very old. This article will explain the flows, up and down how Personnel management or Human resource management has been achieved the valuable status in todays business or industrial environment. Evaluation of Personnel Management in India In 1931 it was the Royal … Read more

Human Resource Management System: How to implement it effectively

Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management can be considered as a bridge that connect the employer or management group and the employees working in the organization. It maintain a sound relationship between the employer and the working individual in the entity considering the well being of the employees in such a way that their maximum contribution goes towards … Read more