Duties and Responsibilities of HR Manager

The duties and responsibilities of HR Manager always vital in the organization as he has to play an important role in securing the necessary spirit of mutual trust, co- operation and goodwill between the two elements of of organization employer and employee.

Organization wise the name of the designation of HR Manager is different with almost same roles like Labour Officer, Personnel Manager, Welfare officer, Labour Relation officer, Manager- Talent Acquisition etc. But in latest trend is to make the role more comprehensive and called it Human Resource Development Manager.

HR Manager is the conscience of the management, advice the management on latest trends, industrial relation and personnel policy. At the end of this article I will share 7 important tips for excelling your career in HR.

Major Duties and Responsibilities of Hr Manager

  • He must ensure the co-ordination between the management and various department within the organization to maintain harmony and smooth running of the operation.
  • HR Manager need take care the recruitment and hiring process, training and development, salary and payroll administration and compliance management for the organization.
  • He must interpret the needs of the employees to the management and the policy of the management to the employees and administer/ solve all employees grievance.
  • Human Resource manager must act as a negotiator for grievance redressal of employees and trade unions and other associated parties.
  • He must help the upper management to frame and formulate various labour/company policies and interpret the policies to the employees in a language they can understand.
  • It is the responsibility of the HR manager to ensure rights and privilege of employees as per the company policies and other labour laws.
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  • HR mangers must ensure timely submission of returns under various labour laws and Act to be fully complied.
  • He also need to ensure the maintenance of compliance registers under various labour laws and Act as per its applicability.
  • He must ensures provisions of amenities, such as canteens, rest rooms, sanitary facilities, drinking waters, sickness and benevolent payments granting loans and advances and other legal advice to the employees.
  • He must ensure other welfare provisions such as accommodation, food stuff, social and recreational facilities, advice the employees for job related problems and education for children etc.
  • He must ensure to provide the social security benefits to the employees like provident fund, ESIC and others.
  • He must perform as a support system to the management regarding training and development of the employees, transfer and promotion, instruction and supervision on maintenance of notice board and bulletins to further education of employees to encourage them.
  • He may suggest corrective measures which will serve to raise the standard of living of employees and in general promote their overall well- being.
  • He should study the absenteeism of employees turnover and measure to be adopted for their prevention and motivate employees for better performance.
  • HR manager may take disciplinary action against the employees for kind of unlawful activity within the premises of the company or organization.
  • He also may take any other steps to promote the positive working environment within the organization.

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Human Resource Management is a relatively a new profession of human engineering and scientific management of human being endowed with dignity and statutory recognition. So, its is hard to sum up all the duties and responsibilities of a HR manager. However I have tried to include as much as possible for better understanding of the functions of a HR manager.

7 Important Tips to for HR professionals for excelling in HR: Duties and responsibilities of HR Manager

Get Yourself Updated about the Latest Trend in your Domain

You should be aware of the latest trends and the business news in your industry or domain you are working in which will help you to stand in front of your peer. You should have the proper information on latest notification on various labour laws so that you can implement the same in your organization.

Make Yourself Indispensable

Become the HR go to person in your specialty or area of business. Try to create demand for your services by doing things that other cannot do or won’t do. Try to learn new skills that will help you to create demand for your job.

Know Your Business Cold

Master how your organization operates and generate revenue, how the employees behave or contribute to achieve the business goals, what is the drawback and weak point of the organization.

It will become easy to impress your employer or client with your skills and knowledge of HR and you may suggest the management and the client some ideas for better management for retaining of top talent or human asset which will ultimately benefited for the overall growth of the business.

Go the Extra Mile: Duties and responsibilities of HR Manager

Try to complete your task with less time and better accuracy and earn a reputation for over-delivering. Get things done faster, better or cheaper. Perform beyond your HR job description and you will inspire confidence and gain respect in the organization.

Be your Client/Management Trusted Advisor

Listen to your management and the client and serve them, be their sounding board. Help your management and client for better policy making, helps them to excel and growth. Make sure your HR priorities align with and help to drive management and clients business priorities.

Act With Integrity

Fess up to mistakes quickly. Admit when you are wrong without hesitation. Your reputation for honesty & candor will compensate for the occasional discomfort of telling the truth. Failure always teach you a lesson so accept the failure and excel in what you are working.

Get Feedback Regularly

Get feedback from employees, higher authorities, clients on regular basis without being defensive. Consider the feedback as a gift not as a complain. It will help you to add something new to your work and results in better performance.

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