Electronic Human Resource Management System(E-HRMS) and its benefit for Organization

Overview of Electronic Human Resource Management System

Electronic Human Resource Management System (E-HRMS) is a modern technology based system that eliminate the traditional Paper based Human Resource Management System.

Technology has changed the working culture and system in almost every business organization that helps businesses to enable transparency flexibility for better efficiency and productivity that results in effective data management and build HR hierarchy.

The use of technology or IT infrastructure in Human Resource Management System in the organization helps the HR professionals to accomplish associated task with ease within less time and effort as compared to traditional method that requires continuous concentration and labour.

Western countries and MNCs adopted the Electronic Human Resource Management System many years back but in India E-HRMS get massive boost during the Covid- 19 pandemic situation in the country when the business enterprises realizes the need of an IT framework or infrastructure for HRM.

Scope of Electronic Human Resource Management System

In the current digital era, The HRM system is focused on process orientation, technology enabled that helps in proper data management, reduce the administrative burden and increase the productivity of the employees of the business organization.

The scope of Electronic Human Resource Management System in the organization will discussed here in below:

E- Resume Hunting or Candidate Search

In the traditional method, if any vacancy arise in the organization, then the HR of the organization search for candidate though reference, Universities or colleges and consulting farms.

But in E- HRMS it is easy to find a candidate that suits the profile using various online tools and services. The HR of the organization may search for candidates though advertising, social media platform, various job sites like Linkedin, Naukri, indeed etc. It will helps to save time for HR to find a suitable candidate using online tools.


The recruiter get an overview of the candidate they are looking for by using their online profiles in different social media platform or job portals/site even before the interview process.

E- Recruitment and onboarding candidate

Electronic recruitment system is also an important scope of E- HRMS which results in better candidate conversion rate. HR can initiate the recruitment process digitally or online, conduct interviews using telephone, video conferencing, electronic documentation and electronic onboarding and induction of newly appointed employees.

It will drastically reduce the cost and time involved in the recruitment and onboarding process for both the parties employer and employee.

E- Learning and Training: Electronic Human Resource Management System

The modern organization conduct frequent learning and training season for its employees to increase their productivity or to provide knowledge of the product and system that requires by the employees to achieve desire goals of the organization.

The electronic learning and training program helps the employees to interact with the HR or managerial superior to get knowledge from experienced one during the program and at the same time the HR or employer get the chance to know their employees strength, weakness and take corrective measures to tackle the issues and assess the amount of support the employee required to excel in his respective domain or department.

Electronically Managed Attendance, Payroll and Compensation

The HR will collect the attendance records of their employees though biometric system or app based system with the help of IT infrastructure that saves times and effort as compared to traditional paper based method where the employee need to sign the attendance register on daily basis.

The payroll processing and compensation management, disbursement of salary becomes easy with the help of payroll software that calculate the salary, manage the statutory deduction and keep proper records of employees at a single platform.

E- Job Analysis and performance Management

E- HRMS enables organization to evaluate and access the the job description using online quiz or questionnaire. Data from these systems are automatically summarized, and standardized job descriptions are created.

Performance Management also done though E_HRMS for its employees to drive effective output to achieve organizational goals.

Online test may be conducted time to time, online performance recognition, feedback system helps to HR to assess the performance of its employees and managing the HR operation/policies and improve the employee experience.

Employee Self Service though App or Web

Now a days most of the organization that adopt E-HRMS will provide access to employees account in the organization though electronic mode via App or website.

After successful joining or onboarding, employee will get the log in credential of their self service portal or app where employee can punch their daily attendance, see their compensation details or history, check their monthly salary, provident fund contribution details, holidays and leave details etc.

E- Employee Exit System

E-HRMS enable the employees to submit the resignation online and HR can conduct the Exit formalities online via simply filling exit form. Even HR can conduct counselling and exit interview using online tools like skype, Google meet and other video conferencing mode.

Now organizations starts recording the exit interviews with prior permission of the employee and upload the same in relevant social media platform to showcase the organizational culture for the improvement of HR policies from public opinions.

Work from Home

E-HRMS also enable its employees to complete the day to day work from home without visiting the office physically in conditional basis followed by the companies WFH policy.

During the Covid- 19 pandemic WFH is highlighted and practiced by many MNCs and local organization to continues their work seamlessly.

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Drawback of Electronic Human Resource Management System


To use the E-HRMS, the HR as well as employee should be well educated and trained so that they can use the system in an effective way.

But in some cases we can see in many organization a specific percentage of employee has no technical knowledge how to use the system. In such situation E- HRMS fails.

Communication Issues

Some times the online communication system becomes ineffective as compared to face to face conversation and discussion. Because the online communication becomes less interactive in most of the situation.


For some technical works related to field activity, E-HRMS lose its Sharm. For recruitment of technical person that requires physical demonstration of work, physical interview or face to face interaction is must.

Policy Formulation Issue

The E-HRMS system should be formulated in such a way that protect the privacy of the employee and the company data. But most of the cases, organization fails to do so.

Summary: Electronic Human Resource Management System

Electronic Human Resource Management System comes with a number of functionality that simplified the process of HRM. But also it has some issues that we cannot ignore.

However, in the modern technology oriented world E-HRMS has ability to deliver success to the organization with its different functional features.

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