What are the challenges faced in HRP post Pandemic?

Impact of pandemic in Human Life

The pandemic caused by covid 19 disease in 1st and 2nd wave has dramatically taken many human lives worldwide. It has also affected the public health, food supply, service deliveries and overall world of work.

Millions of companies suffer from losses due to lockdown caused by the pandemic. Many small and medium companies and firms, enterprises shut their business due to lockdown as they have lost the potential market and customers.

Millions of people lost their job because employer unable to provide them salaries on time and unwillingly companies forced to terminates employees or sent employees on layoff.

Most importantly, the informal economy workers were suffered the most and vulnerable because of the lack of social protection, unable to access the quality health care services and lost their access to productive assets. It ultimately affected the overall purchasing power of the people as they lost their jobs and they don’t even had the sufficient money to feed themselves or their families or payout their accommodation.

Impact of pandemic in Business and Economy

The business and the overall economy of the world is drastically affected due to lockdown caused by pandemic. Except essential service and commodities almost every industry suffered loss due to covid 19 pandemic.

Hotels and tourism is one of the mostly affected industries. Due to strict lockdown condition on travelling to another district, state or country for tourism was highly prohibited during that pandemic period. And the hotel and tourism industries suffer losses and and people engaged in hotel and tourism industries also suffered as they lost their jobs, earning sources and their livelihood.


Real estate and construction industries works also affected due to pandemic. Lockdown results in non- availability of materials, restriction in transportation and shortage of manpower. As most of the construction workers were migrant workers working on daily wages basis. After declaration of lockdown every one experienced as sudden fare and tried to reach their home town or villages because either they have lost their jobs or they don’t have sufficient money to accommodate their stay or arrange food for themselves. That ultimately restricts the real estate and construction works.

Another affected industries include manufacturing of FMCG and cosmetics products, vehicle manufacturing companies, sales and marketing companies, online food delivery companies and the companies relates to non essential commodities and services. Young startups had been impacted as their funding has fallen.

The informal industry was also affected due to pandemic. The street vendors selling verities roadside unable to run their stalls, the farmers who grows perishables also faced uncertainty.

The overall economy not only in India but in the whole world has fallen and witnessed billions of loses.

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Impact in HRP(Human Resource Planning) post pandemic

At first while majority of industry of industries have negatively affected by lockdown due to covid 19 pandemic, particular industries and sectors have been affected positively. Telecom and healthcare industries are the examples who experience positive impact of pandemic.

The human resource management system has introduces remote working culture during the pandemic for the very first time. And the organizations are reviewing the effectiveness of remote working. It appears that the organizations do not yet know how remote working is affecting the performance and productivity which is hardly surprising given that most are using this for the first time.

Challenges in HRP(Human Resource Planning) post pandemic

The challenge faced by Human Resource planning team in organization is that every one is not familiar with system and computer and for all types of job it is not possible to work remotely. For some specific jobs and role like banking services, education services, management profession it is possible to some extent. But most of the jobs and roles requires physical presence of the employee at site.

The working policy for the companies also affected due to pandemics and the human resource management team working hard for the policies and procedures for remote working or to restore the traditional working practices.

Reportedly post pandemic, in few industries employees behavior and actions recognize as having been helpful in business continuity. For, example employees willingness to collaborate with each other and human resource team and department in making changes, employees willingness to be flexible adaptable, complying with necessary changes to safety measures and willingness to learn and upskill quickly.

Human resource management and planning team also witnessed negative impact of remote working and in results the efficiency and performance of some categories of employees reportedly affected.

Uncertainties are quit prominent in human resource planning post pandemic due to frequent changes in industrial scene, particularly in technological changes and fluctuating market condition etc.

The management and human resource planning team in the organization always need to be ready for sudden change to smooth continuation of the business operation without shortage and manpower. And the policy of the company should design accordingly to cope with the changing business environment.

Human resource management and planning team also required to design the training and development modules for the employees keeping in mind the post pandemic experience and to increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees for overall growth of the organization.

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