Good News: Latest Minimum Wages in Mizoram in 2023 Revised

Minimum Wages in Mizoram recently revised by publishing the official notification by Labour, Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship department of Mizoram for Schedule employment.

The Governor of the state Mr. Hari Babu Kambhampati pleased to revised the Minimum Wages in Mizoram for all employees working under Schedule employment in the state.

Minimum Wages in Mizoram Notification

Notification published by the respective department on 16th June, 2023 vide notification number: B.14015/4/2010-LESDE/417. The revised minimum wages will be applicable for “various daily wages workers” working under Government departments, Semi-Govt Organization, Public undertakings, private undertakings and contract basis workers.

Minimum Wages rates in Mizoram

The revised Minimum wages payable with effect from 01st April, 2023. Category-wise Minimum wages details provided in the below tables:

Casual/Muster Roll Employees/Roads & Building Operations/Employment in Registered Factories

Category of WorkersMinimum Rate pf Wages per Day
(All values in INR)

Public Motor Transport Employees

Category of WorkersMinimum Rate pf Wages per Day
(All values in INR)

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Few Condition according to official Notification: Minimum Wages in Mizoram

  1. Women and physically challenged employees will get same rate of wages payable to Male and abled employees. This rule will promote sense of equality among all classes of employees.
  2. If an employee getting the wages more than the notified rate, employer cannot reduce or lower the rate of wages. And his/her existing wages shall be taken as Minimum Wages.
  3. Workers other that clerical, peon etc. working in the office will enjoy paid holidays as below in addition to Sundays weekly holidays if they work continuously for 6 days in a week.
    • New Year: 01st January.
    • Missionary Day: 11th January.
    • Republic Day: 26th January.
    • Chapchar Kut: on the day it falls.
    • Good Friday: on the day it falls.
    • May Day: 01st May.
    • YMA Day: 15th June.
    • Remna Ni: 30th June,
    • Independence Day: 15th August.
    • Mahatma Gandhi Birth Day: 02nd October.
    • Chrismas Day: 25th December.
  4. Un-skilled Worker: It means the worker who need little or no skill or experience required to perform the task.
  5. Semi-skilled Worker: Worker required some degree of skill of competence acquired through experience on the job which is capable of being performed under the supervision and guidance of skilled employees and includes unskilled supervisory work.
  6. Skilled-II(Junior Grade) worker: Worker required some degree of skill of competence acquired through experience or through training as apprentice in the technical or vocational institute and performance pf which evaluated or judged by expert.
  7. Skilled-I(Senior Grade) Worker: These workers required experience and great skill to perform the desired task.
  8. Working Hours: Normally working hours for office is 8 hours per day. However this may very a little according to the working natures of the employees and employers.

You may Click here: Minimum Wages in Mizoram PDF Download to get the official notification in PDF file.

You can visit the official website of Mizoram Labour Departments for more relevant information and updates.

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