PF Death Claim Settlement Process by Nominee

PF Death Claim Settlement: Now nominee or legal heir can apply to get benefit for Provident Fund, monthly pension and EDLI (Employees Deposit Linked Insurance) subject to eligibility under EPF and MP Act in case of death of the member via online or offline mode.

What is Provident Fund?

Provident Fund is part of social security benefit that is applicable for the establishment having employee count more than 20 nos. Benefit under the EPF and MP act is provided to every permanent, contractual, casual or daily wages worker whose monthly salary is not more than INR 15000/-.

The definition of monthly salary comprises Basic+DA+ Retaining Allowance. Employees getting salary more than INR 15000/- also can become member under the said act with the permission of PF Commissioner via submitting Joint Declaration by employer and the employee voluntarily.

UAN activation & KYC Updation

Every Provident Fund subscriber/ member will get a Unique identification number called UAN (Universal Account Number) to access the PF account. Using UAN number member can view their provident fund balance, submit claim or track records of their provident fund data.

To access the provident fund account member required to activate their UAN number first. If you don’t know how to activate the UAN you may click here.

To activate UAN, member Aadhaar KYC data like Name, DOB, fathers name etc required to register at the time of creating the UAN by employer. Employee can also link their other KYC details like PAN, bank details after activation of UAN via their UAN portal.

After successful activation member will get password via text massage in their Aadhaar linked mobile number to access their UAN portal from PF department.

Updation of Member profile in UAN portal

After activation of UAN member can update their profile by uploading their passport photo, marital status, education qualification and address details visiting their UAN portal under View> Profile.

How to check PF Balance?

Provident Fund member can check their PF balance via multiple way i.e through EPF passbook site, text massage, missed call or though UMANG Application. If you don’t know how to check PF balance please click here.

Nomination under Provident Fund

Provident Fund member required to register the nominee details in their UAN portal by visiting Manage> E- Nomination. Nomination under provident fund is mandatory to avail online claim service. However there is no last date declared by department for E- Nomination. If you don’t know how to submit EPF nomination please click here.

Contribution Details under PF and MP Act

The present monthly contribution rate as on 01.07.2022 for Provident fund is 13% (PF-3.67%+ Pension-8.33%+ EDLI-0.50%+Admin charge-0.50%) for employer and 12% (PF-3.67%+ Pension-8.33%) for employee.

Online Facilities available in Member UAN portal

PF member can avail the the following online benefit in their UAN portal:

  • PF Advance claim- Form 31 during the service period subject to eligibility.
  • PF Claim- Form 19 subject to eligibility condition.
  • Pension claim- Form 10C after retirement of permanently leaving his service.
  • Monthly pension- Form 10D after retirement subject to eligibility condition.
  • Application for Scheme Certificate.
  • Online PF Transfer from one establishment to another.
  • Track Claim Status etc.

PF Death claim settlement offline Procedure

In case of death of a member or an employee of any organization who was covered under EPF and MP Act, the legal heir or nominee eligible to apply for provident fund settlement, monthly pension and EDLI benefit.

In case of offline application process following Forms required to submit at respective PF office and all the Forms and documents must be attested by the employer and signed by the nominee or legal heir:

  • From 20 or Composite Claim From for PF settlement.
  • Form 10D for pension settlement.
  • Form 5IF for EDLI settlement.

To process the claim by the nominee or legal heir, following documents required to submit along with the forms mentioned above:

  • Death Certificate of the deceased member or employee.
  • KYC documents like Aadhaar, PAN and Bank account proof of the Nominee.
  • If the deceased member had minor child, birth certificate of the children.
  • Passport Size photograph of the nominee or legal heir.
  • F and F settlement proof by the employer. (Optional)
  • Gratuity payment proof by the employer. (Optional)
  • Group photograph of the nominee or legal heir in case of claimant more than one.
  • Medical certificate or any other documents as required at the time of submission of claim requested by the authority.

Please note for depositing monthly pension to nominee or legal heir, EPFO permits only few banks. State wise list of bank name is available at EPFO website or nominee can also ask the respective PF office in this matter.

Please click here to see the complete city wise pension disbursing bank list.

PF Death claim settlement online Procedure

Before online application for death claim by nominee or legal heir, one should ensure that the E- nomination against such deceased member was filed already. Otherwise online death claim submission will not be possible.

Point to be noted before online application of Death claim by Nominee:

  • UAN number must me activated.
  • Beneficiary Mobile number must registered with their Aadhaar card.
  • Details of Beneficiary should match with the data provided at the time of E- Nomination.
  • All the documents to be uploaded should be in PDF format.
  • Document size should not exceed 2 Megapixel.

Following are the process flow chart for online application:

  • Visit the PF Member portal.
  • Click on Death claim Filing by Beneficiary on right side corner of the Member Home page.
  • Provide the UAN number of the member, Beneficiary mobile Aadhaar number, name and DOB.
  • Generate the Authorization PIN and log in.
  • After log in there will be two option. 1. Fill Death claim & 2. E-sign.
  • Click and Fill Death claim and proceed.
  • You have to provide the Date of death of the member and required to upload the death certificate.
  • Provide the beneficiary address details if it was not updated earlier.
  • Click on the form type like From 20, 10D & 5IF and provide bank account details of the nominee or legal heir and upload the bank proof and Validate the Aadhaar based OTP and submit claim accordingly.

PF Death claim settlement: Benefit Details

  • If member died even after 1 days of work and his contribution deposited then nominee or legal heir will be eligible to get monthly pension.
  • Pension benefit will be provided to Widow, Dependent children, and dependent parents of the member.
  • EDLI benefit will be provided to nominee or legal heir maximum up to 7 lacs as per provident Fund rule.
  • Minimum Pension amount for widow should not be less than INR 1000/-
  • Children pension amount should not be less than 25% of the widow pension for each child up to 2 child up to the age of 25 years.
  • Orphan pension should not not be less than 75% of the pensionable amount to nominee or legal heir up to the age of 25 years.
  • In case of unmarried UAN member, pension will be provided to his dependent parents if pensionable service crossed 10 years. If pensionable service has not crossed 10 years then capital amount of pension fund will be return to the nominee.

Most of the relevant information related to the topic PF Death Claim Settlement tried to provided in the article.

If you have any query regarding the death claim settlement procedure please do comment below.


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